Iowa Beef Expo – Sunday February 13th at 11 a.m.

Sunday February 13th is now sale day!

The 2022 Iowa Beef Expo Limousin Sale is coming up fast. The expo is one of the oldest and most successful consignment sales in the country and we need your help to make this years sales a success! Buyers please make sure to new the new sale date and time.

2022 Iowa Beef Expo Sale Catalog

Check back soon for more lot videos

Lot #NameVideo
1JLG Flying Kiss
2CLNC Hot Rod 013HVideo
3LOHE High Expectations 005H
4CLNC James DeanVideo
5CWCL Jock Jams 318J
6CLNC Johnny Be GoodVideo
7JASB Jacked 21JVideo
8JASB Journey 35JVideo
9MTDL Juggernaut 904JVideo
10RMKR Jock 107JVideo
11CWCL Judas 112JVideo
12RMKR Jersey 108JVideo
13DEBV Jungle Juice 132JVideo
14RMKR Johnny Cash 122JVideo
15MTDL Jackpot 11JVideo
16KECC Daisys Dynasty 211JVideo
17RMKR Journey 166JVideo
18RMKR Jet Liner 170JVideo
19A&B EmbryoCELL Envision x Mags Zahoo
20 Bred HeiferLOHE Harmony 006H
21KTBO Juliet 18JVideo
22DEBV Jaylynn 130JVideo
23VL Juliet 138JVideo
Consignors there is still time to get your video posted. Once you have it uploaded to youtube please send Ann Vorthmann the link.

Join us sale day online at

  • New Sale Date
    • Sunday February 13th at 11 a.m.
    • Cattle will be in the barn Saturday February 12th
  • $5,000 Supreme Champion Jackpot – Coming back in 2022!
    • The Iowa Beef Breeds will be sponsoring a supreme champion Bull and Heifer from all breeds.
    • $2,500 will go to the consignor and $2,500 will go to the buyer
    • Supreme Drive will take the evening of Friday February 19th.
      • Cattle can go home and then come back for the supreme drive
  • Junior Heifer Class at the Junior Beef Expo
    • Any heifer that sells to a junior will be eligible to show in a special class with the winner receiving $500.
    • These heifers will also be eligible to show in the Iowa junior show over the weekend.
  • Videos
    • Consignors are encourages to take a 30-40 second video of their animal before the sale. We will be on a shorter time frame from the previous years so to more you can get done before the better. More information will be emailed out once you have sent in your entry.
    • NEW – If you are unable to take a video at home there will be a service available in the hog barn show ring on Saturday.

2022 Entry Rules

2022 Entry Form

Contact Ann Vorthmann if you have any questions.