The Iowa Limousin Association will be holding their annual banquet and awards ceremony Saturday November 11th at the Iowa Cattleman’s building in Ames, IA.

Cost – Adults $15 – Jr. Members – Free

Schedule of events

  • 2 pm – Senior Board of Directors meeting
  • 4 pm – Senior Association Annual Meeting
  • 4 pm – Junior Association Annul Meeting
  • 4:45 pm – Junior Association Board of Directors meeting
  • 5 pm – Social Hour
  • 6 pm – Annual Banquet and benefit auction

If you are interested in running for the board please contact the a current board member or our president Paul Millhollin.

Benefit Auction Items

Below is just a few of the items that will be on the benefit auction. We will posting more as they are donated. Please check our facebook page for updates as well.

Download the benefit auction list

Rogers Smoked Salmon
Donated by Roger Vorthmann
Donated by Kim Tibken Graphic Design
Glenroseā€™s Hand crafted beautiful Holiday table runner
Donated by Glenrose Meier
Cyclone Decoration
Donated by Dean and Bev Summerbell
Cow Calf Sawblade Art
Donated by Dean and Bev Summerbell
Holiday Pillow Decoration
Donated by Ann Vorthmann